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The late Barnabus

Roscoe and his sister Sarah

Jean Mark

Cashmere Goats
We raise cashmere goats here at Narrow Gate Farms for their fine fiber and for meat.  Each spring the new kids arrive and our herd is now large enough to offer them for sale.  Here are a few pictures of some of our kids of years past.  We are currently adding red to our herd with our new buck Jason from Foxmoor Farms.
We were very excited in 2016 when Bebe, one of our own cashmere does was featured in the Countdown to Winnings Wisconsin Lottery holiday video!  She did a great job and made all of us here at Narrow Gate Farms very proud!  You can find the youtube link to the commercial at or search Countdown to Winnings on the Youtube site.

Spirit the fainting buck and Marco

Emma guardian of the does

Maremma Sheepdogs
Our livestock are all guarded by Maremma Sheepdogs. These dogs are not very common here in the states yet but have been used for centuries in the mountains of Italy to guard the herds of sheep. They are fiercely protective when necessary and are socialized from the time they are born with the animals they will guard. These animals are not suitable for companion animals and really need a job to do guarding something or they can get themselves into trouble.  We will be breeding them this fall so contact us if you are interested in finding out more.



Fainting Goats
We also raise fainting goats along with our cashmere. They are also called myotonic goats and originated in Tennessee. They have a genetic defect which causes their legs to stiffen and the whole goat to tip over on it's side when startled. They return to normal after a few seconds and can get back up again. Fainting goats are listed in the American Livestock Breed Conservancy's Conservation Priority List and we believe it is important to preserve this rare breed. They are very easy to raise, playful and hearty.


Sabastapol Geese
Another rare breed we are working with that is in need of conservation is the Sabastapol Goose. These are a flightless goose whose primary feature is its feathers which hang in ringlets around its body instead of laying flat like a normal bird. They are very beautiful and are now being bred in a variety of colors such as blues, greys and buffs. We have greys and pure white birds. They are useful for weeding and keeping the grass down between mowings.


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